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Lead organiser :

Alan Lawson

07708 011 649


* * * * *

The Barry Buddon half-marathon

This race offers an excellent chance of a good time, being a flat, traffic-free course, on good-quality tarmac.

[Course Information]

Excellent facilities, with male and female changing-rooms and showers, plenty drinks, and good food after the event.

Lots of prizes,
and spot-prizes.

A ScottishAthletics
permit event.

The organising team are a group of experienced runners, many of whom have been involved with the organisation of other races.

* * * * *


2017 : Due to serious difficulties encountered in negotiating facilities and costs with the MOD, the event's organising committee have reluctantly decided not to attempt to stage the race this year. 

Any future revival of the event will be dependent on significant changes from the MOD.

2016 Event  :   report

The winner of the race was Patryk Gierjatowicz of HBT in 1:11:23 (course record).
2nd was Bryan Mackie of Edinburgh AC
and 3rd was Iain Whitaker of EAC.

The female winner was Jennifer Wetton (Central AC) in 1:17:35 (female course record).
2nd was Katie Jones (Fife),
and 3rd was Virginie Barrand (Metro Aberdeen),

The M50 trophy was won by Andy Laycock (Kinross), with the M60 prize being taken by Sandy Hastie (Peterhead). The M70 prize was retained by George Black (Fife AC).

The F45 trophy was won by Janet Dunbar (Edin. AC), with the F55 prize being taken by Isobel Burnett (Carnegie). Linda Hardie of East Fife Tri took the F65 prize.

Team prizes :
Men : Edinburgh AC 'A'. (Metro 2nd).
Women: Metro Aberdeen Wifies (Fife AC 2nd).


East Champs : Gold/Silver/Bronze:
Men: Patryk Gierjatowicz / Bryan Mackie / Iain Whitaker.
Women: Jennifer Wetton / Katie Jones / Virginie Barrand.
M40 vets: Adam Rouse / Colin McGill / Andrew Laycock.
F40 vets: Janet Dunbar / Isobel Burnett / Judith Dobson.


    * FULL RESULTS can be seen on the
'Results' page

* * * * *


Patryk Gierjatowicz, race winner


Jennifer Wetton, female winner


Patryk Gierjatowicz, Bryan Mackie and Iain Whitaker,
1st, 2nd and 3rd in the Race


The 4 trophies.






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