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Every finisher in the Race receives a stylish drinks coaster;   the design will be slightly different each year.


Race Trophies and Vets Trophies

There are 2 main trophies —
a Race trophy and a Women's trophy (centre).

Also (super-)vet trophies: M50 and F45 (outside).

These are all constructed with model lighthouses.

Place prizes  and  Age-group prizes

Race: The first 5 finishers in the Race win cash prizes, as do the first 5 female finishers.

Age-categories: There are special awards for:  
       Men:  50–59 (2);   60–69  ;   70+
  Women:  45–54 (2);   55–64  ;   65+

Team-prizes: There's a prize for each counting member of the winning team... 3 or 4 in a team, best 3 places to count. Possibly 2nd and 3rd teams as well. Similar for women's teams.

Spot prizes

Usually 10% of the field get lucky and get a small spot prize, based on their race-number.


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